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About LANSim

LANSim is a CNet-like network simulator. It aims to be very easy to use GUI based network simulator. We started this (and is still is) our college semester project.

This is meant to be user friendly as well as feature rich. This field lacks software with good user interface except for the very popular CNet (which is still not available for Windows platform). The commercial softwares in this field are too complicated. This aimed to go along Multisim(R) and Blender(R) way. As user-friendly as Multisim and as functional as Blender.

LANSim updated.

LANSim has been updated. Its framework has undergone a lot of rework since its last CVS release. We have also added a new module that has been created to demonstrate and experiment the Stop-and-Wait with Acknowledgement protocol.

Also from now on we have switched to SVN from CVS. The CVS still exists but it will no longer be updated.

To download source code (and binary, binary could be outdated) run the following command (in Linux systems).

svn co

LanSim is not dead.

It has been quite a long time since we made announcements. I admit that development progress of this project is going on very slowly, but certainly is not dead. We have recently pumped quite a lot of codes into it. We have greatly enhanced the user interface. The backend too has been enhanced. You will get a video preview of it in mid-December. We are not updating the CVS right now. Till the design of LanSim is not frozen we will no longer commit to CVS.

LANSim source code released.

6 days back I uploaded the source code of LANSim into the cvs at

This is the current source code. You can download that and compile to run LANSim, but remember that LANSim is at a very nascent stage so no part of the source code is frozen. Any part can change at any time. You are advised to stay away from the code for now.

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